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Magic by Starlight

Magic by Starlight

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Terra Haven Holiday Chronicles, Books 1-3

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Merry solstice and happy new year!

Celebrate the holidays with Mika, Kylie, and their beloved gargoyle companions in three heartwarming festive stories.


Mika and Kylie are excited to host a winter solstice party—or they would be, but the decorations keep disappearing. So do the cookies. What’s next? The presents?

Teaming up with gargoyles Oliver and Quinn, Mika and Kylie vow to catch the thief. But can they track down the naughty culprit before the holiday is ruined?


Every winter solstice, newly engaged couples vie for the coveted Mistletoe Crown in the annual Darling Dearest Derby. In front of their family, friends, and fellow Terra Haven citizens, the couples battle it out in side-splitting challenges designed to test their compatibility, coordination, grit—and humility.

It’s a tradition well worth the price of admission, or at least that’s what Kylie thinks...until she and Grant are thrust into the outlandish competition.


Nothing wraps up a winter solstice better than the fireworks competition. This year, Mika and Oliver are thrilled to be at the heart of it, cheering on Mika’s boyfriend, Marcus, and the city’s other top fire elementals.

But an unexpected threat lurks in the starry night, drawn to the fiery art. Unchecked, it will consume every scrap of warmth in the city, transforming Terra Haven’s cheerful winter wonderland into an icy tundra as inhospitable as the north pole. Unless Mika, Marcus, and Oliver can stop it...

This holiday, wrap yourself in the magic of the season with an enchanting trilogy that overflows with heart, humor, and festive fun.

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Length: Approx. 320 pages


Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles
Magic of the Gargoyles 
Curse of the Gargoyles 
Secret of the Gargoyles 
Flight of the Gargoyles

Terra Haven Chronicles 
Deadlines & Dryads 
Leads & Lynxes 
Headlines & Hydras 
Muckrakers & Minotaurs

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